Area of Planting 

 Planting Area is the possible area of planting or the areas designated for planting in West Java, divided into some regions: Bandung, Bekasi, Bogor, Sumedang, Garut, Ciamis, Cirebon, Cianjur, Indramayu, Karawang, Kuningan, Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya, Majalengka, Pangandaran, Purwakarta, Cimahi and Depok








Kabupaten Bandung

Kecamatan Cililin especially Desa Nanggerang

Desa Sumber Sari, Kecamatan Ciparay, Kabupaten Bandung 

Kecamatan Rancabali, Ciwidey

Desa Pulosari, Kecamatan Pangalengan, Kabupaten Bandung

Kabupaten Bandung Barat is a hilly area with a population of 1550 people, 1240 people work as farmers. For example, 80% of population in Nanggerang Village are farmers (Nanggerang Village Profile Report, 2013: 57 in Sutisna, 2015). Kabupaten Bandung area has an area of about 689 hectares, 400 hectares include technical irrigation fields and 200 hectares of semi-technical and 89 hectares of rain-fed land. The main agribusiness commodities in Kabupaten Bandung such as tea, arabica civet coffee, and potato.

Plantations are divided into three types, namely Perkebunan Rakyat (Community-Owned Plantations), Perkebunan Besar Swasta (Private Large Plantation), and Perkebunan Milik Pemerintah (Government-Owned Plantation).

  1. Perkebunan Rakyat (Community-Owned Plantation) The main commodities include Tea plantation covering 1,701 Ha. Cloves, 1,024 Ha, 566.3 Ha. Coffee Area is 10,273 hectares. Tobacco covers an area of 1,524 Ha.
  2. Perkebunan Besar Swasta (Large Private Plantations). It consists of Tea plantations covering an area of 5,965.29. Plantation Crop Commodities are generally annual crops so there are still many farmers who rarely damage optimally. However, the Department of Agriculture as the leading sector continues to provide facilities and stimulants such as plant seedlings, fertilizer, embung development, and various technical assistance so that these plantations develop especially for coffee commodities that have succeeded in facilitating farmer groups with exporters. 

Potential Land area in Kabupaten Bandung in 2016 consisted of 35,478 hectares (Ha) or 20.13% of paddy land, 140,705 Ha (79.84%) dry land consisted of 113,486 hectares of dry land for agriculture (64.39%) and non-agricultural dry land 27,275 Ha (15.87%) consisting of housing, rice fields, rivers, etc. With a total area of the entire Regency of Bandung 176,239 Ha.

(Bandung District Agriculture Service, 2018)


Kabupaten Bandung Barat

Desa Cibodas Kecamatan Lembang Kabupaten Bandung Barat

Mekar Tani Jaya Farmers Business Group


Kota Bandung

  • 637 hectares of paddy fields hektare, 
  • 3316 Ha of plantation

all of them are irrigated fields for planting Bananas, cabbage, Chinese cabbage



Kota Bekasi

no longer available

While agricultural land in 12 sub-districts in the city of Bekasi, is no longer available.


Kabupaten Bekasi

  • Kecamatan Kedungwaringin
  • Kecamatan Pabayuran
  • Kecamatan  Cabangbungin
  • Kecamatan Suka Karya
  • Kecamatan Karang Bahagia
  • Kecamatan Suka Tani
  • Kecamatan Tambelang
  • Kecamatan Suka Wangi

Only 28,000 hectares were registered as permanent agricultural land. (Azzam, 2019)



Kabupaten Bogor

  • Desa Ciburuy, Kecamatan Cigombong, Kabupaten Bogor.
  • Kecamatan Rumpin, Cigudeg, Sukajaya, Pamijahan, Cibungbulang, Ciampea, Caringin, Jonggol, Sukamakmur and Cariu
  • Kecamatan Darmaga, Cisarua, Megamendung, Cileungsi, Klapanunggal, Rancabungur, Cibinong, Ciseeng, Gunung Sindur and Rumpin.
  • Tamansari, Kemang, Rancabungur and Megamendung.
  • Tamansari, Cijeruk, Ciawi, Megamendung, Tajurhalang, Gunung Sindur, Bojonggede and others
  • Organic farming
  • Rice food plants spread in almost all districts, with different variations in area.
  • corn plant
  • Soy
  • Decorative plants

Note: There are 17 private plantations with rubber, tea, nutmeg, and coffee. The locations are spread in Jasinga, Cigudeg, Nanggung, Leuwiliang, Rancabungur, Ciawi, Cisarua, Megamendung, Cigombong, Rumpin, Tamansari, Citeureup, Sukajaya, and Tenjo districts. The number of People's Plantations is spread in 40 districts with rubber, coffee, nutmeg, clove, coconut, vanilla, sugar palm, and medicinal plants.


Kota Bogor

Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency in Kota Bogor in 2008 figures, rice fields are only 320.7 hectares of a total of 11,850 hectares (, 2020)

Agricultural land in Kota Bogor is increasingly shrinking. In response to these conditions, the Bogor City Government cooperates with the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Tropical Biology (Seameo Biotrop) or the Southeast Asia Ministry of Education Organization to establish cooperation in urban farming.



Kabupaten Sumedang

Desa Cijere, Kecamatan Rancakalong, Kabupaten Sumedang

Desa Sukasari, Kec. Sukasari,Kab. Sumedang, Provinsi Jawa Barat (S, 2012)

Desa Sindanggalih Kecamatan Cimanggung Kabupaten Sumedang Provinsi Jawa Barat

 Desa Hegarmanah, Kecamatan Jatinangor

Tobacco farmers

Rice Farmers



Kabupaten Garut

Desa Haruman, Kecamatan Leles, Kabupaten Garut

Kawasan agropolitan terdiri dari kecamatan Cisurupan, kecamatan Cikajang, kecamatan Cigedug, kecamatan Sukaresmi, kecamatan Pasirwangi, dan kecamatan Bayongbong. 




Kabupaten Ciamis

Desa Sukaja, Kecamatan Cimerak,Kabupaten Ciamis

Kecamatan Pamarican, Banjarsari, Purwadadi and Lakbok.

Coconut Sugar Farmers

The Southern part of Ciamis is a center for rice or rice barns. (Saepudin, 2020)



Kabupaten Cirebon

Kapetakan, Gegesik, Kaliwedi, Susukan, Ciwaringin, Panguragan, Klangenan

 Ciwaringin, Gebang, Babakan, Pabedilan, Waled, Ciledug

Gegesik, Ciwaringin, Astana Japura, Karangsembung, Babakan, Waled

Ciwaringin, Palimanan, Dukupuntang, Astana Japura, Lemahabang

Gebang, Losari, Babakan, Pabedilan, Waled, Ciledug

 Gebang, Pabedilan, Babakan, Waled, Susukan

Palimanan, Dukupuntang, Beber, Astana_Japura, Lemahabang, Susukan Lebak, Sedong

Kapetakan, Gegesik, Panguragan, Klangenan, Ciwaringin, Waled

Astana_Japura, Karangsembung, Karang Wareng



Green beans







there are currently around 45,000 hectares of eternal land, 40,000 for agriculture, 2,000 horticulture and 3,000 for plantations.


Kota Cirebon


Kota Cirebon has focused economic development in the trade and service sectors



Kabupaten Cianjur

Desa Gasol Kecamatan Cugenang

Rice agricultural production is found in almost all regions of Cianjur. Except in Pacet and Sukanagara Districts. Kabupaten Cianjur is one area of rice self-sufficiency. Annual rice production is around 625,000 tons.



Kabupaten Indramayu


The total area of Indramayu recorded at 204,011 Ha consists of 110,877 Ha of paddy land (54.35%) with technical irrigation of 72,591 Ha, 11,868 Ha of half technical 4,365 Ha of simple PU irrigation and 3,129 Ha of non-PU irrigation while 18,275 Ha includes rain-fed rice fields. While the dry land area in Indramayu Regency is 93,134 hectares or 45.65%. When compared with the area of paddy land in 2005 which was 110,548 Ha of paddy land or 54.19% of the total area, it can be seen the tendency of land-use change.




Kabupaten Karawang

Head of Kabupaten Karawang Agriculture Office, M Hanafi Chaniago, said that the eternal land, which covers 87 thousand hectares, is spread across 29 sub-districts.

special areas, such as the north, south and part of the east, will be defended from agricultural areas.



Kabupaten Kuningan

  1. Desa Cibulan, Kecamatan Cidahu, Kabupaten Kuningan
  2. The total area of paddy farming in Kabupaten Kuningan covers 32 sub-districts covering 19,878 hectares

Hundreds of hectares of land ex-mining sand quarries. made into soybean fields



Kota Sukabumi

DKP3 Sukabumi City data states, the total agricultural land in Sukabumi City reaches 1,484 hectares.

Addition of the endangered agricultural land is planned to be one hectare in Kelurahan Cikundul, Kecamatan Lembursitu,


Kabupaten Sukabumi

From 47 sub-districts in Kabupaten Sukabumi, 46 of them are ready to defend their agricultural land

According to the Secretary of Kabupaten Sukabumi, Iyos Somantri, the result of the agreement was that there were 55 thousand hectares of paddy fields in Sukabumi that had to be secured.



Kota Tasikmalaya

Kecamatan Mangkubumi dan Tamansari.

Keep harvesting in the middle of a pandemic


Kabupaten Tasikmalaya

Kabupaten Tasikmalaya agricultural sector has been export-oriented includes: Organic Rice (SRI) with centers in seven districts (Sukaresik, Cisayong, Sukaraja, Manonjaya, Cineam, Sukahening and Salawu, Puspahiang, Mendong dan Golok Galonggong Manonjaya.

  1. The agricultural sector is the main commodity in Kabupaten Tasikmalaya

Based on the records of the Department of Food and Fisheries of Kabupaten Tasikmalaya, the area of paddy fields in Kabupaten Tasikmalaya reaches 51,399 hectares. The amount is based on data from the Agriculture Survey (SP) of land with the 2018 Central Statistics Agency



Kabupaten Majalengka

The location of agriculture in Majalengka is still safe despite the construction of Kertajati Airport

Data from the Department of Agriculture, the area of agricultural land in Kabupaten Majalengka is around 51,000 hectares. However, from the total area, only around 7,000 hectares can be planted in the third planting season.




Kecamatan CImenak to Kecamatan Padaherang

The Department of Agriculture (Dispertan) of Kabupaten Pangandaran recorded 16,426 hectares (ha) of productive rice fields in 10 sub-districts.




Kecamatan Babakan Cikao, Bungursari, Campaka, dan Cibatu

The total land area is 18 thousand hectares, 4 sub-districts are prohibited from land conversion. (designated as perpetual agricultural land)



  1. Cimahi Utara: Citeureup,  Cipageran,  Cibabat
  2. Cimahi Tengah :  Padasuka
  3. Cimahi Selatan :   Cibeber,  Leuwigajah,  Melong, Utama


Food and Agriculture Service Kota Cimahi said that there are only 137 hectares of agricultural land in the area. Where, 85 hectares are in the north, 46 hectares in the south, and the rest in the central region



Kota Depok

Kecamatan Tapos, Kecamatan Cimanggis, Kecamatan Cilodong, Kecamatan Bojongsari dan Kecamatan Sawangan.

Kota Depok currently has 112 hectares of agricultural land.


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